Action Line: Beware Suspicious E-cards In Your Email

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    Action Line: Beware Suspicious E-cards In Your Email
    If you receive an unexpected e-card via email, you might want to think twice before clicking on it.

    Roseann Freitas, Better Business Bureau: “You need to look who sent it to you, look at the company’s name. Do a Google search and type in that company and ‘scams’ right behind it, and if they have a lot of scams, that will pop up on Google. So you’ll want to do a google search of the company.”

    A red flag that the e-card may be fake is if you receive one with an attachment included.

    Roseann Freitas: “Most of these e-cards you’re going to open and click on a link, and it’s going to take you to a card. It’s not an attachment. So reputable e-card companies are not going to put an attachment. So if there’s an attachment, it’s probably best to delete.”

    Other red flags include misspelled words on the e-card itself.

    Roseann Freitas: “Look at the spelling. If you got misspelled words, red flags, because legitimate companies will do their research and make sure it’s spelled right and the grammar is correct.”

    If you don’t know who the sender is, Freitas says it’s safe to just delete the message to prevent yourself from being exposed to an e-mail scam.

    Roseann Freitas: “It would always be safe to just ignore it unless you know the person that sent it to you and you really have done your homework on that company

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